Research Scholars

Unregistered Research Scholars


Name  Discipline Research Area
Priyadharshni E. priyadharshni


Names                 Discipline Research Area
Anshul Jain Mathematics Science Education anshul
Bishal Kumar Dey Neural & Cognitive Science Science Education bishal 
Saurabhee Huli Physics Science Education saurabhee 


Names                 Discipline Research Area
Harsha Malhotra Zoology Science Education harsham
Saurabh Thakur  Education Science Education saurabh
Sulochana R. Physics Science Education sulochana
Vikram Patil Education Science Education vikram
Vimalraj A. Physics Science Education vimalraj


Names                 Discipline Research Area
Anupama Souri Das Environmental Science Science Education anupamadas
Pranshi Upadhyay Education Science Education pranshi
Prithu Raj Ghosh Education Science Education prithu

Registered Research Scholars

Names                              Post-Graduation
Research Area              
Arul Ganesh SS  Mathematics Science Education arul
Chaitanya Ursekar Bio Engineering Science Education chaitanya
Charudatta Navare Bioinformatics Science Education  charudatta
Himanshu S. Srivastava Elementary Education Science Education srihim
Jayasree Subramanian Mathematics Mathematics Education jayasree
Jeenath Rahaman Applied Mathematics Mathematics Education jeenatr
Joseph Salve  Bio Diversity Science Education joseph
Meenakshi Kaushik Chemistry/Education Science Education meenakshi
Panchami Jose Physics Science Education panchami
Rafikh Shaikh Micro-Biology Science Education  rafikh
Saurav Shome Physics Science Education
Shraddha Ghumre Biotechnology Science Education shraddhag
Sujatha Varadarajan Environmental Chemistry Science Education sujatha


HBCSE Scientific Staff registered as Ph.D. Students (Registration - 2006)

Meena Kharatmal


Marine Science

Refined Concept Mapping
Knowledge Representation
Biology Education




Research Area
Year of Graduation       

Abhijeet S. Bardapurkar 

Science Education March 30, 2009
Aisha M. Kawalkar  Teaching and learning through Inquiry July 7, 2020
Amit Dhakulkar  Science Education October 8, 2018
Amit Sharma  Science Education December 3, 2020

Anveshna Srivastava 

Science Education December 13, 2017

Arindam Bose 

Mathematics Education April 20, 2015

Aswathy Raveendran 

Sociocultural and Gender Issues October 11, 2017
Atanu Bandyopadhyay  Physics Education June 14, 2011
Deborah Dutta  Science Education July 7, 2020
Durgaprasad Karnam Science Education October 28, 2021
Farhat Ara  Design and Technology Education April 17, 2013
Geetanjali Date  Science Education August 14, 2019
Gurinder Singh   Science Education June 22, 2020

Mashood K.K. 

Physics Education September 30, 2014

Prajakt Prabhakarrao Pande

Science Education May 11, 2018

Rakhi Banerjee

Mathematics Eduation October 22, 2008

Ritesh Khunyakari

Design and Technology Education December 26, 2008
Rossi D'Souza Mathematics Education April 27, 2021

Ruchi S. Kumar 

Mathematics Education May 11, 2018
Shamin Padalkar Visuo-spatial Reasoning February 2011
Shikha Takker  Mathematics Education January 13, 2021
Shirish R. Pathare Physics Education December. 22, 2021
Sindhu Mathai  Visuo-spatial Reasoning February 23, 2011

Swati Mehrotra

Gender in Science and Technology December 10, 2008