Charudatta Navare

Charudatta Navare is broadly interested in the rhetoric of science, Feminist Science Studies (FSS), and biology education. His work currently focuses on critical discourse analysis of biology textbooks, attempting to uncover the hidden values embedded in scientific knowledge.

Thesis Advisors: Sugra Chunawala and Aswathy Raveendran


* Navare, C. (in press). Instructions, commands, and coercive control: A critical discourse analysis of the textbook representation of the living cell. Cultural Studies of Science Education.

* Navare, C. (2021). Ink to Inkling: Artful Messages in the Visuals of Biology. In T. Bowen and B. Caraway (Eds), Visual Futures: Exploring the Past, Present, and Divergent Possibilities of Visual Practice. Bristol, UK: Intellect Books.

* Navare, C. (in press). Challenging the Tyranny of T. rex: Visual Rhetoric of Prehistoric Life. In Andreas Metzner-Szigeth (Ed.), On the Interplay of Images, Imaginaries and Imagination in Science. Florence: Olschki.

* Navare, C., & Barve, R. (2021) A Germ of an Idea: Microbes, Us, and the Microbes within Us. Bhopal: Eklavya Foundation.

* Navare, C., & Barve, R. (2021) अनदेखे हमसफर: हम और हमारी ज़िन्दगी में सक्षमजीव. Bhopal: Eklavya Foundation.