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List of shortlisted interview candidates for HBCSE PhD Program - 2024

Admission to Ph.D. Programme in Science Education - 2024

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR) runs a Graduate School in Science Education. Students admitted to the School go through a programme of courses and field work or project work, followed by a dissertation on an approved topic of research leading to the degree of Ph.D. in Science Education of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, which is a Deemed University. Full time students of the Graduate School, known as Research Scholars, are entitled to a monthly scholarship and an annual contingency grant. Research Scholar positions will be advertised towards the end of January, for the term beginning August.   

The rules governing admission, course requirements and the award of the degree of Ph.D. in Science Education are detailed in Subject Guidelines.

Graduate courses at HBCSE include a range of core and special courses, such as research methodology, cognitive psychology, sociology of education, history and philosophy as related to science and mathematics education, statistical methods, etc. There are also content based courses in science and mathematics: see Graduate Courses.  The students may credit courses offered under other subject boards as electives and courses offered at other centres of TIFR (in consultation with the Mentor).

For an idea about the areas of research interests at HBCSE and some specific topics of research, see Research & Development.  Here is a presentation on Science Education Research by the Ph.D. students at HBCSE and some personal narratives of students describing their own research.

Seminars and colloquia round the year by staff members and visitors from India and abroad sustain a vibrant intellectual ambience at the Centre. HBCSE periodically organises national and international conferences on areas of interest in science, mathematics and technology education.

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