Arnab Bhattacharya

Centre Director

Science Education and Outreach (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Global Health education)

Low-cost/no-cost experiment design

Semiconductor optoelectronic materials (research group at TIFR)

Savita Ladage

Dean HBCSE Faculty &
National Coordinator, NIUS

Chemistry Education, Chemistry Olympiads, NIUS

Anwesh Mazumdar

National Coordinator, Science Olympiads

Physics and Astronomy education, Undergraduate research, Asteroseismology research,Astronomy and Physics Olympiads

Prithwijit De

National Coordinator, Mathematical Olympiad

Mathematical Olympiads

Aniket Sule

Astronomy Olympiad, Astronomy Education, Mathematics Education at high school level, History of Astronomy in India, Solar Physics

Ankush Gupta

Making chemistry education relevant to a student, Scientific understanding of phenomena in nature and environment, Environmental Education

Aswathy Raveendran

Critical studies in science education, Science technology society education (with a focus on biology education), Gender and science

Ayush Gupta

Physics Education Research, Engineering Education Research, Liberal Education, Learning Sciences, Science, Technology, and Society
(For current projects, see ResearchGate Page for Ayush Gupta)

Deepa Chari

Physics identity, diversity representation in STEM, gender studies in physics, Math-physics interactions in undergraduate courses, Student centred teaching and epistemology, Responsive teaching, teacher professional development

Krishna Kumar Mishra

Science Writer, Editor and Educator, Engaged in Development of Educational and Popular Science Books, Materials, and E-learning Portal (https://vigyanshiksha.in/)

Mashood K. K.

Physics Education Research, Alternative Conceptions Research, Concept Inventories, Modelling in Science Education, Conceptual Change

Mayuri Rege

Undergraduate education, Biology teaching resources, Science outreach, Hands-on learning

P. K. Joshi

Junior Science Olympiads

Rajesh B. Khaparde

Physics laboratory training/courses/curricula, Instructional and assessment strategies, Procedural understanding and Experimental problem solving, Innovative experiments and Instruments, Optical studies and analysis

Sanjay Chandrasekharan

Cognitive Science, Modeling and Simulation, Digital Media, Interaction Design, Design and Technology Education, Psychology & Neuroscience Education, Learning Sciences and Educational Technology

Tathagata Sengupta

Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Research, Philosophy and Anthropology of Knowledge, Value Theory of Knowledge, Learning, Education, Care and Freedom, Collective organising towards an education for care and freedom