Ph.D. Projects

Ongoing Projects

Exploring Vaccine Hesitancy Among High School Students in Mumbai
Anupama Souri Das
Advisors: Prof. Arnab Bhattacharya & Prof. Sandhya Koushika

Student and teacher conceptions of derivations in Physics
Prithu Raj Ghosh
Advisor: Dr. Mashood K. K.

Teachers as cognitive agents: building an enactive account of teacher practice
Pranshi Upadhyay
Advisors: Prof. Sanjay Chandrasekharan & Dr. Mashood K. K.

Social, political, and educational management of uncertainty and co-construction of values
Arul Ganesh S. S.
Advisors: Dr. Tathagata Sengupta & Prof. Ayush Gupta

Characterising the traffic of Nominalisation
Joseph Salve
Advisor: Dr. Mashood K. K.

Discursive Spaces and Sexual Subjectivities: Insights from Biology Classrooms
Panchami Jose
Advisors: Dr. Deepa Chari & Prof. Sugra Chunawala

Towards Meaningful Integration of SSI-based Discussions in Indian Science Classrooms: Empowering Teachers for Change
Meenakshi Kaushik
Advisors: Dr. Deepa Chari & Prof. Sugra Chunawala

Investigating interactions between teachers and curriculum materials: The role of values and valuing
Chaitanya Ursekar
Advisors: Dr. Deepa Chari & Prof. Sugra Chunawala

Designing Learning Contexts for Understanding and Facilitating the Transition from Qualitative to Quantitative Knowledge  Employing  Model-Based Reasoning
Shraddha Ghumre
Advisors: Dr. Aswathy Raveendran & Prof. Nagarjuna G.