Ph.D. Projects

Ongoing Projects

The social political and educational management of uncertainty and co-construction of value(s)
Arul Ganesh S S
Advisors: Dr. Tathagata Sengupta & Prof. Ayush Gupta

Characterising the traffic of Nominalisation
Joseph Salve
Advisor: Dr. Mashood K. K.

Exploring different discourses on sexuality in biology classrooms
Panchami Jose
Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala

Engaging secondary science teachers and students with Socioscientific Issue based modules to promote Critical Science Education
Meenakshi Kaushik
Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala

Investigating Interactions between Teachers and Curriculum Materials
Chaitanya Ursekar
Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala

Exploring Mathematical Explorations
Jayasree Subramanian
Advisor: Prof. K. Subramaniam & Prof. R. Ramanujam

The Visual Rhetoric of Biology
Charudatta Navare
Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala

Problem-Based Learning Approach to Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Education
Sujatha Varadarajan
Advisor: Prof. Savita Ladage

Effectiveness of Refined Concept Mapping Technique for Science Education
Meena Kharatmal
Advisor: Dr. G. Nagarjuna

Designing and implementing a collaborative teacher professional development model for planning project based learning in Indian schools
Saurav Shome
Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala & Prof. Jayashree Ramadas

Designing learning contexts for understanding facilitating the transition from qualitative to quantitative knowledge using model-based reasoning
Shraddha Ghumre
Advisor: Dr. G. Nagarjuna

Teaching, learning and assessment of elementary mathematics through a collaborative, constructive and distributed instant messaging environment
Rafikh Shaikh
Advisor: Dr. Nagarjuna G.