Ritesh Khunyakari



Book/ In Book

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Conference and symposia proceedings

  • Khunyakari, R., Mehrotra, S., Chunawala, S. and Natarajan, C. (accepted) Implementing D&T Education in Indian Middle Schools: Lessons from trials. In “Designing for Children”: An International Conference at IDC, IIT Powai, Mumbai, Feb 02-06, 2010.

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Technical reports

  • Helped document the NID-TISS workshop on “Design in Curriculum” held at TISS, Mumbai during Nov 22 – 25, 2008.

  • Mehrotra Swati, Khunyakari Ritesh, Chunawala Sugra and Natarajan Chitra (2003) Using Posters to Understand Students’ Ideas about Science and Technology Technical Report No. 1, 2002-03, HBCSE, February 2003.

  • Banerjee Rakhi, Mehrotra Swati and Khunyakari Ritesh (Eds.) (2002) Science Writing: Report on a course by Prof. H. C. Pradhan, Technical Report No. 6, 2001-02, HBCSE.


In Science Education

  • Gave a talk “Towards an understanding of educational research” to YCMOU students studying the M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D. Courses, who visited HBCSE study centre; was part of another session on feedback for students presenting their thesis proposal (Aug 2009).

  • Resource person for orientation lectures for school students (Classes 6 to 9) participating in Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidyanik (Young Scientists') Award from the Greater Mumbai region. Programme was co-ordinated by Vidynan Parishad, Navi Mumbai (2007, 2008 and 2009).

  • Resource person for a two-day brainstorming workshop generating technology projects for Classes 11 and 12. The programme organised by Credence Media Solutions and funded by National Council of Science and Technology Communication of Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt of India led to Hum Honge Kamyaab, a 13 episode television serial broadcasted on the national network (2005).

  • Organised a poster competition for students from Classes 6 to 9 on “Images of Science” and “Images of Technology”, during the National Science Day event in 2002. Findings from the analysis of the posters have been reported (see Technical Report No.1 2002-03).

  • Contributed as a resource person for the workshops on language pedagogy for upper primary (May 2002) and secondary (Nov 2002) school English teachers of Ashramshaalas (tribal schools) in Nashik and Thane.

  • Developed a unit through classroom trials on Life-skills (e.g. co-operation, honesty, caring, problem-solving) for Class 3 students as part of the social science curriculum being developed at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (2001-02).

  • Participated in the National Talent Search activities of the collaborative AEES-HBCSE Community Development Project (2001-2010).


In Biology and Biology Education

  • Involved in planning, standardizing and setting up 8 laboratory experiments for the IJSO 2009 camps, both in the last round of selection examinations (July 24 to Aug 08) as well as for the pre-departure camp (Nov 21 to 30). Planning and preparation for these laboratory experiments has been a continuous process.

  • Involved in organising and conducting a Teacher training programme for secondary school biology teachers as a part of the BASE-HBCSE collaborative activity (May 18 to June 16). The programme included seminars, practicals and visit to museums. I gave 2 talks, conducted the practical sessions alongwith short interactive sessions with teachers.

  • Resource person for a workshop withschool biology teachers. Presented on the theme “Classification of plants in school learning” at the Exploratory, Pune (Jan 2004).

  • Worked on a project, “To develop tissue culture techniques for rapid multiplication of endangered medicinal plants” at the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. The medicinal plants were Chlorophytum borivilianum, Commiphora wrightii and Saraca asoca (May - July 2001).

  • Conducted research on “Somatic Embryogenesis of Indian Durum Wheat Cultivars” under the guidance of Dr. R. J. Thengane, Botany Department, University of Pune (1999 – 2000).

  • Completed a summer training project, “Characterisation of seed storage proteins of Durum Wheat using Electrophoresis and Polymerase Chain Reaction” at the Agharkar Research Institute, Pune, under the guidance of Dr.V.S.P.Rao (1999).

  • Collaborated as an active resource person in a bio-mapping project titled, "Studies on the biodiversity of National Defence Academy (NDA) campus with special reference to vegetation monitoring" (1999).

  • Reported extended localities of Abutilon ranadei, Wood. & Stapf., a plant species supposedly endemic to Purandhar fort, Maharashtra State. The “type specimen” is deposited at the Botanical Survey of India, Western Circle, Pune (1998-99).

Organisational activities

  • Involved in conceptualizing and organising “Vigyan Vividha 2009” (Nov 12 to 14), a Festival event for students, teachers and laypeople on the occasion of the birth centennary celebration of Dr. Homi J. Bhabha.

  • Involved in the organisation the Indian Science Congress at University of Pune and exhibition of the Botany Department in the congress (Jan 2000).

  • Participated in “Plant World 2000”, an exhibition hosted by S. P. College, Pune (Dec. 31, 1999 – Jan. 3, 2000).

  • Actively involved in the organisation of Su-Darshan, the Golden Jubilee Exhibition, organised by the University of Pune (1999).