The HBCSE Archive is a repository of institutional records with resources that contains information about the last 50 years of the institutes existence.

Initiated in 2022, the HBCSE archive has been steadily building and documenting its collection. Some of the oldest papers date back to 1973 and several photo negatives promise to unravel a bygone era. Educational tools from the pre-digital age are almost artefacts today as technology supporting their use have become rare. HBCSE began with efforts made on a voluntary basis by scientists of TIFR interested in improving science education in India. The intention of the HBCSE archive is to make this history available to students, teachers, scholars, researchers and the public at large while following conservation practices for the benefit of generations to come.

HBCSE is a one of a kind institute in the country. The holdings of the HBCSE archives include documents, photographs, slides, VHS tapes and oral histories. If you are curious about the history of science education, on ground reach, supporting tools and pioneering activities of the HBCSE in these areas, the HBCSE archives would be an invaluable source.

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