Rakhi Banerjee

I am a Ph.D. student pursuing my research in Mathematics Education. I joined the Centre in 2001. I have a master's degree in Mathematics as well as a master's degree in Education from the University of Delhi. I have taught in schools for two years and for a year a course at the Bachelor of Elementary Education, University of Delhi, before joining this Centre.

My specific area of current research is algebra education. I am looking at the transition from arithmetic to beginning algebra. I have also been invloved in teacher training programs and have been conducting workshops for students and teachers on mathematics laboratory, using algbera tiles for teaching algebra and polyhedra.

I have so far given the following presentations in the Centre:

1. Teaching and learning of mathematics (based on a book Resnick, L. B. and Ford, W. W. Psychology of mathematics for instruction, Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 1984)

2. The beautiful world of polyhedra (based on Peter Cromwell's Polyhedra)

3. Domain specificity: the case of numbers

4. Bugs and errors in subtraction: an information processing approach

5. Mental rotation of three dimensional objects (repetition of Shepard and Metzler experiment conducted in 1971)

Thesis advisor: