Annual Research Meet

Seeds of Research

Every two years, at epiSTEME Conferences, we present our research to a national and international audience. It is a time to showcase, to interact with a wide community, to influence thinking on education, to help seed research in science, maths, and technology education (STME) across the country. The STME research at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) is rooted in educational practice, yet it draws freely on the air and sunshine of science, social science, arts and humanities, synthesising to create new ideas, and applying them fruitfully to the practicalities of curriculum and classroom transaction in our schools and colleges. This idealised account perhaps captures what we aim to do. But, we might ask, where does this process begin? How do the first hardy and sustainable seeds of research come into being? 

Research thrives on spontaneous exchange and open collaboration. It gets accepted and authenticated as new knowledge, through a process of peer review: a process that calls for participation of communities of researchers and field workers at local, national and global levels.This research meet began in 2010 as a local event focusing on the work of  Ph.D. students at HBCSE, in which faculty members participated as collaborators and discussants but with time it has broadened its reach to scholars beyond HBCSE. The meet aims to provide an intense, yet informal and supportive, forum for presentation, discussion, sharing and debate. The organisation of the meet is done entirely by the first year Research Scholars, and we thank them for their hard work. While the format of the meet could and should evolve with experience, we hope that this and more such interactions will soon become an integral part of academic life at HBCSE.

Annual Research Meets: 

  • 11th ARM 2021 September 23rd - 25th, 2021, HBCSE, Mumbai (A Virtual Event)