Research and Development at HBCSE concerns science education from primary school to undergraduate level, mathematics education and technology education at school level.  The research is informed by contemporary scholarship in cognitive, social, historical and philosophical aspects of science and education, a perspective exemplified in HBCSE's flagship series of research conferences - epiSTEME.

Science education research has focused on alternative conceptions in topics of school and college science, visuo-spatial reasoning, students' epistemologies, notations and representations, curricular matters, classroom interactions and socio-scientific issues.  Research and Development in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Education at the college level foregrounds the subject content and includes both theoretical and experimental aspects.

Mathematics education research at HBCSE is concerned with the place of mathematics in the school curriculum, with pedagogical issues of how best it can be taught and learnt and with cognitive issues of concept learning and conceptual change in mathematics.

Design and Technology education research probes the possibility of introducing technology education within the Indian school curricula and addresses key issues in the development of curricular elements for design and technology education at the school level, including socio-cultural and gender aspects.

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