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R & D Areas
Chitra Natarajan
Retd. March 2015
Design and Technology Education 
Vijay Singh
Retd. January 2015
Physics Olympiads 
Arun T. Mavalankar
Mathematics Education 
Ravindra S. Patwardhan
Computer lab
Prof. S. C. Agarkar
Retd. June 2013
Open Educational Resources
Prof. C. R. Pranesachar
Retd. 2013
Mathematics Olympiad
Prof. H. C. Pradhan
Retd. June 2011
(Centre Director 2008-2011)
Physics Education
Mathematics Education
Prof. V. G. Gambhir
Retd. December 2008
Science Popularisation
Prof. Arvind Kumar
Retd. October 2008
(Centre Director 1994-2008)
Physics Education
Prof. B. S. Mahajan
Retd. February 2008
Health Education

Prof. B. M. Udgaonkar

(Ex-Chair, HBCSE Committee (1975-91))

Education and Science Policy
Prof. V. G. Kulkarni
(Founder Director 1974-1994)
Science Education
Shri. R. M. Bhagwat
Mathematics Education
Dr. R. G. Lagu
Science Education





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