History of Science


HBCSE has developed an illustrated exhibition on the history of science — “Science—A Human Saga”.

The exhibition captures the origins of science, its history, its development upto the modern period.

The major themes of the exhibition are—Great Leaps in Early Period; Science in Ancient Greece,

Ancient China, Ancient India, West Asia; The Scientific Revolution; Science in the 18th, 19th centuries,

Social Sciences, Modern Science. The exhibition is a permanent display at the ground floor foyer of HBCSE

and is open for visitors.

Some of the major objectives of the history of science exhibition are mentioned below:

  • To depict that science as a development process
  • To depict the conceptual changes that have taken place in the history, a process which is considered

       to be seen as a parallel with the conceptual changes that students undergo

  • To depict that science has multicultural origins
  • To demystify science