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Adithi Muralidhar

Adithi has done her post graduation in Zoology and specialised in Environmental Sciences, from University of Mumbai. She has also done her MA in Educational Communication. She worked as a Zoology lecturer for a while, before getting professionally involved in several science education projects. At HBCSE, her work extends to the Science education for diversity project, School science research and development project, Teacher professional development programmes, Inclusive aspects of design and technology education and Environment education. She also continues to work in the area of wildlife and environment conservation. Adithi has a keen interest in socio-cultural issues, and understanding the dynamics of society and environment.

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Involved in the following Projects

1. Design and Technology Education  

2. School Science Research and Development

3. Science Education for Diversity

4. Nature/Environment Education

5. Vigyan Pratibha

6. HBCSE Waste Management


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