Karen Haydock


Karen Haydock has been working in India since 1985 as a researcher, educationist, scientist, teacher and artist, after completing her PhD and postdoctoral studies in biophysics in the USA. In all her efforts, her concern is for the oppressed sections of society, using both art and science education for social change. Her research in science education is essential for her efforts to develop teaching methods and curricula, and produce artworks and educational material. She has illustrated and/or written numerous storybooks and textbooks for children. She has also been teaching in schools, from pre-school to post-graduate levels, and conducting workshops for students and teachers in interdisciplinary areas with a focus mainly on the processes of doing natural and social sciences, mathematics, and visual art. More information and recent publications can be found on her website: www.khaydock.com.


Research interests:

(1) The roles of students’ questioning and recognizing contradictions in learning science

(2) Overlaps between the process of doing art and the process of doing science and its implications for education

(3) Problems and solutions in learning about evolution

(4) Do agricultural workers do science?

(5) Education policy and the aims of education in India


Website: www.khaydock.com


Publications:  http://khaydock.com/biodata.php

PhD Guide for:
Gurinder Singh

Courses taught:

Science Teaching - a practical course

What is Science?

History of science in ancient India

(5 classes in Arvind's History of Science course)

Questioning, language, and cognition (Reading course)​