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List of Publications and Talks by Aniket Sule

Journal Publications

Astronomy Talent Nurture Programmes
  • Zelko, I., Barclay, C., Eenmäe, T., et al. (including Sule, A.), "The first Global e-Competition on Astronomy and Astrophysics", Am. J. Phys., 2023; 91 (11): 867–872.
  • Ranadive, P., Shetye, S., Dalvi, D., & Sule, A., "Adapting Betelgeuse’s Dimming Event to A High School Level Astronomy Exercise", Astronomy Education Journal (2023) 
  • Sule, A., "Measuring Talent: Lessons from the India Olympiad Programme", Teacher Plus (May-June 2022).
  • Book Chapter: Sule, A., "Talent Identification and Talent Nurture: The Indian Story", Science Education in India, Eds: Koul, R., Verma, G. & Nargund-Joshi, V., (2019), Springer.
  • Stachowski, G., & Sule, A., "The impact on education of Astronomical Olympiad and the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics", (2017)
  • Juvekar C., Jain M. & Sule, A., "A Few Good Orbits", Phy. Comp. (2012), 14(1), pg 50 – 59.
  • Sule, A., Yong, W. S. M., Zapotinschi, R. \& Stachowski, G., "1st International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics", Phy. Comp. (2008), 10(1), 8-17.
  • Sule, A., Joshi, S. Joglekar, H., Deshpande, A. & Deshpande, S. "The role of voluntary organisations in astronomy popularisation: a case study of Khagol Mandal",
History of Astronomy in India
  • Joshi, S. & Sule, A., "Dating of Vedic Lunar Mansions", J. Ast. His. & Heri. (2023), 26(3), 722-730,
  • Shetye, S., Halkare, G & Sule, A., "Cultural Astronomy of the Bhil, Pawra and Kokna Ethnic Communities in Western India", J. Ast. His. & Heri. (2023), 26(2), 441-468,
  • Joglekar, H., Vahia, M. & Sule, A., "Oldest sky chart with supernova record", Puratatva (2011), 41, 207.
  • Sule, A., Bandey, A., Vahia, M., Iqbal, N. \& Tabasum, M., "Indian record for Kepler's supernova: Evidence from Kashmir Valley", Ast. Nach. (2011), 332(6), 655-657.
  • Joglekar, H., Sule, A. and Vahia, M., "In Search of Indian Records of Supernvae", Ind. J. His. Sc. (2007), 42(1), 83-93.
  • Sule, A., Vahia, M., Joglekar, H. & Bhujle, S., "Saptarshi’s Visit to Different Nakshatras: Subtle Effect of the Earth’s precession", Ind. J. His. Sc. (2007), 42(2), 133-147.
Promotion of Scientific Temper in Society
  • Sule, A., "COVID-19 and Infectious Misinformation", EPW (2020), LV, 24, 18-20.
Physics & Mathematics Education Research
  • Karnam, D.P., Agrawal, H., Parte, P., et al. (including Sule, A.,) "Touchy feely vectors: A compensatory design approach to support model‐based reasoning in developing country classrooms", J. Comput. Assist. Learn. (2021), 37, 446– 474.
  • Karnam, D.P., Mashood, K. K., & Sule, A., "Do student difficulties with vectors emerge partly from the limitations of static textbook media?" Eur. J. Phy. (2020), 41(3), 035703.
Astronomy Education Research
  • Karandikar, R. & Sule, A., "How practicing science teachers amalgamate their beliefs with science", Cur. Sci. (2020), 119, 1, 26-31
  • Sule, A., & Jawkar S., (2017) "Teachers' misconceptions in curricular astronomy", 

Edited Books & Proceedings

  • "The Growth and Development of Astronomy and Astrophysics in India and the Asia-Pacific Region: Proceedings of ICOA-9", Eds: Orchiston, W., Sule, A., & Vahia, M., Springer Int., 2019.
  • "International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics: Problems and Solutions (2007 -- 2014)", Ed: Sule, A.
    • 1st edition (2007 -- 2012) pub. by Cygnus Scientific Publishing, Romania (July 2014)
    • 2nd revised edition pub. by Universities Press, India (August 2015)
    • Serbian translation (Translator: Dr. Sonja Vidojevic) of the 1st edition pub. by Serbian Astronomical Society (July 2015)
  • "History of Indian Astronomy: A Handbook", Eds: Ramasubramaniam, K., Sule, A., & Vahia, M., TIFR, 2016.
  • "Question papers of Indian National Astronomy Olympiad (1999 – 2008)", Eds: Sule, A., Ghaisas, A., & Vahia, M., Manovikas Prakashan, 2012.

Selected Talks & Monolouges

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