Introductory Statistics Part 1


1. Data: types of data and how to record them, tables, tally marks etc. Representation of data: Histograms, bar charts,
pie charts, etc. Fundamental statistical parameters of data (averages, ranges, etc.) and their representation: variance,
standard deviation, quartiles, percentiles, boxplot, etc. Sampling of data, frequency ranges and the statistical
parameters. (3 lectures)

2. Probability and probability distributions. The statistical parameters and inferences regarding the population. (2

3. Confidence level of single variable and hypothesis testing. (1 lecture)

3. Fitting of theoretical models to data: understanding the concept of curve fitting. Drawing infrence of of data by
analysing data tables. Regression, chi-square fitting. (1 lecture)

4. Multivariate analysis: comparison of two variables (fundamental parameters, viz. averages, ranges, etc.). Correlations:
different parameters and tests. (3 lectures)

5. Factor analysis, cluster analysis (introduction to the concepts and primary concepts). DISTATIS. (2 lectures)

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