Introduction to Educational Research


This course will focus on the foundations of educational research and will aim

  *  that students develop an understanding about the meaning of research and its application in the field of education.

  *  enables students to prepare a research proposal, do a literature review and review a scientific paper/book

  *  develop an understanding about the different types of research methodology of educational research.

The course will cover the following topics:

1. Overview of educational research (as compared to other research)

2. Sources of data, measurement (scales of measurement)

3. Indicators of good research, developing research questions

4 Reviewing the literature

5. Types of research (ethnographic, descriptive and historical, co-relational, action and evaluation, experimental and

6. Designs of research

7. Procedures and tools for gathering data

8. Analysis of data, interpreting and communicating research

Assessment: Group interactions, presentations, seminars and assignments



Selected chapters from the following books:

1. Charles C.M. (1995, Second Edition) Introduction to Educational

Research, Longman USA


2. Kidder L.H , Judd C.M and Smith E.R. (1986, Fifth Edition) Research

Methods in Social Relations, Holt Rhinehart and Winston Inc.


3. Kerlinger F.N. (1983, Second Indian Reprint) Foundations of

Behavioural Research, Surjeet Publications


4. Baker T.L. (1988) Doing Social Research, McGraw Hill Inc.


5. O? Leary Zina, (2004), The Essential Guide to Doing Research, Vistaar

Publications, New Delhi


6. Cresswell, J.W. (2002), Educational Research; Planning, Conducting and

Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Merrill Prentice Hall

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