Cognition and Cognitive Development


Cognition and Cognitive Development

Instructor: J. Ramadas; Tutor: Meena Kharatmal


Course sequencing (references are below):

Jan 21 to Feb 28 - Cognition
Matlin. Chapters 1, 2-3 (selections), 4-8, 11-13 (selections)

March 1 to 15 - Piaget on cognitive development
Brown & Desforges. Chapters 1-3 (selections)

March 16 to 31 - Vygotsky on cognitive development
Bruner; Vygotsky. Preface, Introduction, Chapters 1, 2 and 9 (selections)

April 1 to 15 - Cognitive basis of science Carruthers et al. Chapters 1-4

Text / Reference Books:

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(See also John Wiley's "Student Companion Site" for this book.)

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(Later editions if available)


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Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
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