Chemistry Education


Instructor: Savita Ladage

Contents: (emphasis on general chemistry)

Periodic Table


Modern periodic table

Chemical and physical properties and their trends 5 sessions

Mole concept 2 sessions

Stiochiometry 2 sessions

Chemical Equilibrium

Acid Base and redox equilibrium 6 sessions

Chemistry education

Research in chemistry education (overview) 20 sessions

Introduction to constructive philosophy

Research related to misconceptions in chemistry

Research related to problem solving

Research related to learning in laboratory

Research related to technology and chemistry education

(Role of affective factors)

Contribution of chemical education research and Current scenario

(Papers from Journal of Chemical Education and Chemical Education Research and Practices are used for the chemistry education.)


(The sessions and the pre-post conference workshops at the chemistry education conference presented an excellent exposure to some areas and issues related to chemistry education.)


Reference books for general chemistry

General Chemistry, Darrell Ebbing, Houghton Mifflin, 3rd Edn, 1990

Chemistry, Raymond Chang, McGraw Hill Company Ltd, 5th Edn, 1994

General Chemistry, principles and modern applications, Ralph Petrucci, Prentice Hall 1998

General Chemistry, principles and structures, James Brady, John Wiley and sons, 5th Edn, 1990

Advanced Chemistry, Physical and Industrial, pHilips Mathews, Cambridge University Presss, 1st Edn, 2003

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