Design and Technology Education


Outline of the course:


 1.What is technology? A historico-philosophical outline (6 sessions) 

.Carl Mitcham, Thinking through technology: The path between engineering and philosophy, Univ. of Chicago Press, 1994 

2. Is D&T art or science? (6 sessions) 

.D&T, the sciences and the humanities - 3 cultures,  

.knowledge, skills and criteria, nature and structure of design 

3.What has cognition to do with doing and learning D&T? (3 sessions) 

.Naïve, novice and expert designers… 

.Authors: Donald Norman (Emotional Design), Jean Lave (Situated Cognition), Ann M. Hill (Authentic Learning), David Crismond (technology education and science concepts), Lawson (novice-expert studies) 

Assessment tools:

Theory and experimental assignments, report, seminar.

Course Coordinator: