Research Methods and Statistics - Part I


Research Methods and Statistics - Part I

Instructor: G. Nagarjuna

Credits: 4
Duration: September to December
Day/Time:  Monday 10 am-1 pm

Content: This course will focus on imparting skills and preparing for a research career in science education.

   1. Reading and Writing Technical and research documents
       reviewing literature
       taking notes from books and papers
       maintaining a bibliography of a selected domain
       writing technical and research documents
       Introduction to best practices in ICT
   2. Critique and Rigor
       asking questions
       critiquing assumptions
       economy of expression
       making everything explicit
       alternative ways of thinking
       appreciation of multiple theoretical standpoints
 3. Collecting, Organizing, Analysis and Presentation of Data
       collecting qualitative data
       collecting quantitative data
       visual presentation of data
       knowledge organization
       ontology of a domain
       tabulation and spreadsheets
       graphs: conceptual and Cartesian
       plotting data
       analysis of data
       scales of measurement
       hypothesis formulation
       hypothesis testing
       appreciation of statistical methods
   4. Understanding about  Types of Research Methods

Assessment: Assessment will be continuous, and the mode of delivery will be project based.  Students should be prepared to do plenty
of activities and documenting them.   The above topics will not be delivered in a sequence, but will be invoked in the
context of the tasks or projects to be performed by the students.

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