Foundation Course in Physics


Instructor: Rajesh Khaparde

Credits: 2


The Course will have sessions on theory & experiments. The course will be based on the contents of STD 8-12 CBSE Physics. The theory course will have sessions in mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, sound and acoustics, heat and thermodynamics and bio-physics. The course will also have classroom demonstrations, problem solving and video/simulation based discussions.

The lab course will begin with an introduction to experimental physics and important aspectsrelated to measurements, data analysis, estimation of errors and procedural understanding. During the lab course, students will work on a set of six experiments from elementary mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism.


  1. Continuous Evaluation (Theory + Lab) – 60 %

  2. Student Presentations – 20 %

  3. Test on Conceptual Understanding – 20 %

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