Psychology and Education


Outline of the course:

Tuesdays and Fridays, 2.30 to 4.00 pm


This reading course will present the origins of psychology, the historical antecedents of the field and the development of modern psychology as a science. Schools of psychology will be covered with a special focus on psychoanalysis and the current response to it. Major disciplines of contemporary psychology, such as, sensation, perception and personality, and social psychology will also be covered. The main ideas of a few dominant personalities of the field will be covered in context, as well as in terms of their historical significance. The links between psychology and education will be explored.



1)      Historical Introduction to Modern psychology: Murphy, G. and Kovach, J.K, 1992, Second Indian Reprint, Routledge and Kegan Paul, (London) and Universal Book Stall (New Delhi)

2)      Explorations in Psychohistory: Lifton, R.J., 1974, Simon and Schuster, New York

3)      Exploring Psychology: Myers, D.G., 1990, Third Edition, Worth Publishers,

New York

4)      Why Freud was wrong: Webster, R., 1996, Fontana Press, London

5)      An outline of Psycho-analysis: by Sigmund Freud, (first published 1940), Penguin Books

6)      Psychological Types, Jung, C. G., & Baynes, H. G. (1921). London: Kegan Paul.


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