Introduction to Educational Research 2004-2005


Outline of the course:


The underlying tenets of educational research
    2) Sources of data
    3) Selecting, refining and proposing a topic for research
    4) Locating published research
    5) Interpreting and summarizing published research
    6) Procedures and tools for gathering data
    7) Analysis of research data
    8) Ethnographic research
    9) Descriptive and historical research
    10) Correlational research
    11) Action and evaluation research
    12) Experimental, quasi-experimental and causal-comparative research
    13) Designing a research project
    14) Preparing a research report

Assignments:  There will be minimum five homework assignments

Seminar:  Each student will (singly or jointly) have to give seminar on one of the research methods

Assessment:  Assessment will be continuous; it will be based on class participation, presentation in the seminar and assignments.

Main references:

1.   Introduction to Educational Research, 2nd edition, C. M. Charles, Longman Publisheres USA (1995)

2.  Foundations of Behavioural Research, 2nd Edition, F. N. Kerlinger, Holt, Rinchart and Winston, Inc., Indian Reprint, Surjeet Publications, New Delhi (1983)

Course Coordinator: