Elements of Biophysics


Outline of the course:


First two lectures are of a popular nature and on scaling laws in the animal world


Exponential growth and decay.  Fractal nature of mammalian organs. Bio-statics: Modeling static aspects of anatomy; jaw, forearm, spinal column, hip, Achilles tendon etc.


Bio-dynamics: Mechanics of motion.  Dynamic phenomenon such as walking, jumping, swimming etc.  Fracture and impulsive forces.  Airbags and automobile collisions.  Ballisto-cardiography Basal metabolic rate.  Thermo biology.


Viscosity and turbulence.  Haemodynamics.  The human circulatory system.  Blood pressure.  The heart as a pump.  Arteriosclerosis and coronary  bypass.  Electrocardiograph.  Life at low Reynolds number. Etc. etc.


1.Mathematical Prerequisite 

First three lectures: multiplication and division

Next seven lectures: elementary trigonometry (will be explained)

Rest of the lectures: elementary calculus

Each lecture will be of approximately one hour.


2.Laboratory Component 

To be developed depending on availability of funds.  None is envisaged for the present course.  In future I plan to make it an integral part of this course.

3.Suggested Reference 

“Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology”, Rusell K. Hobbie, Springer-Verlag Inc. N. Y. (1997)

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