Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science


Outline of the course:


The course is meant to introduce issues in philosophy of science concerning the nature of the scientific enterprise. The focus will be on the developments in 20th century philosophy of science.A number of cases from the history of science will be cited in details to support the discussion. The outline of the lectures is written below. The Course will be given by Dr. K. Subramaniam.


(all the lectures will be held on thursday except one on Jan 25th from 11-30 am to 1-30 pm Venue at HBCSE Romm No. 222)

1 19th Jan (Thu) Relating Philosophy of science to science education.
Background to 20th cent. Philosophy of science:Aristole,Bacon.Descartes
2 25th Jan (Wed) Background(contd.):Inductivism.
3 2nd Feb (Thu) Karl Popper - 1: The empiricist context.
4 9th Feb (Thu) Karl Popper - 2: Case studies
5 16th Feb (Thu) Karl Popper - 3: Objective Knowledge, the human science
6 23rd Feb (Thu) Kuhn - 1: Structure of Scientific Revolution
7 2nd Mar (Thu)* Kuhn - 2: The Kuhn Popper debate
8 9th Mar (Thu) Kuhn - 3: Case Studies
9 16th Mar (Thu) Lakatos - 1: Scientific Research Program
10   23rd Mar (Thu) Lakatos - 2: Case Studies
11  30th Mar (Thu) Feyerabend
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