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Shirish Pathare

About me:


Hi!!! I am Shirish Pathare – a PhD student as well as a Scientific Officer at HBCSE. Well… my research topic falls under the category of Physics Education. The topic is “Students’ Alternative Conceptions on Heat and Thermodynamics”. A graduate course on “Chemical Thermodynamics” by Prof. Arvind Kumar made me interested in taking up my present research topic. Since then I am enjoying my work of framing questionnaire, collecting responses from students, analyzing them and finally developing certain experimental tools to minimize their alternative conceptions. This work gives me immense satisfaction as it not only reveals students’ alternative conceptions but it also clears my alternative picture of thermodynamics concepts. With some brainstorming sessions with my guide, colleagues, college teachers and students, it has always given me new insights into the subject.




My work:

The sample group for my study is undergraduate students of colleges in India. The basis of my work is the book called “Heat and Thermodynamics” by Dittmann and Zemansky. I really appreciate this book for its simplistic approach in explaining every concept. My work mainly consists of identification of alternative conceptions and developing experimental tools to minimize them.


I have worked on few concepts like Pressure, Heat, Temperature, Heat Transfer Mechanisms, Thermal Equilibrium and Elementary Kinetic Theory.


Experimental development has always been my passion. Hence I have chosen the remedial measures in the experimental form. Just working towards it… and will keep you updated as and when I am ready with my modules. If you are interested in knowing more about my work then you can send an email on shirpat at gmail dot com.


You can also visit my other profile by clicking here.


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