Science Popularisation

The Centre has developed a variety of materials (books, portable laboratory and exhibitions) aimed at disseminating science among the public. Its staff contribute regularly to radio and TV programmes, and science magazines. Articles on science and education by staff members have featured in the columns of leading national and regional newspapers.

In its early years HBCSE contributed to the Satellite Instructional Television Experiments (SITE) of the Indian Space Research Organisation. HBCSE has published science question-answer features in local newspapers and in a children's monthly magazine "Kishore" published by the Maharashtra State Textbook Bureau.


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Science Communication in Indian Languages by HBCSE  -- Prof. Sugra Chunawala ( Presentaion given at Vigyan Prasar, Allahabad)




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  • Mishra, K. K. (2014). Gyan-vigyan: Shaikshik nibandh (Book-3) (ed). Mumbai: HBCSE
  • K. K. Mishra (2012). Abstract Book of the National Workshop on Development of Educational e-materials in Hindi, organized by HBCSE under the auspices of Vigyan Pariashad Prayag from November 2-4.



 In Books

  • Mishra, K. K. (2013). Changing Scenario of Education with Development of Science and Technology. In Vigyan aur Sanskriti, (pp.9-15). New Delhi, Defence Researc and Development Organization (DRDO).

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  • Mishra, K. K. (2013). Year 2012-2013 is Very Special for Science and Mathematics. InCentenary Year Book, (pp.31-35). Allahabad. Vigyan Parishad Prayag.

Book Review


  • Mishra, K. K. (2014). Review of Digital madhyam aur Hindi mein vigyan sanchar (Editors: Om Vikas, Oum Prakash Sharma, Kinkini Dasgupta Misra, Manish Mohan Gore, published by Vigyan Prasar (DST) New Delhi), Vigyan Ganga (BHU), 3(7), 97