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आप यहाँ हैं होम (घर) Research & Development Projects Open Educational Resources for Schools (OER4S)

Open Educational Resources for Schools (OER4S)


 A major new project was initiated, sponsored by the Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission   (RGSTC)   and   implemented   in   collaboration   with   Maharashtra   Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) and the Indian Consortium for Educational  Transformation  (I-CONSENT).  It aims at developing and field testing electronic educational material useful for all stakeholders: parents, teachers and students within a four fold framework: information, activity, creation and interaction.


Firstly, web­based material has been identified, downloaded and edited to make it suitable for Indian school system. Secondly, part of the material developed at HBCSE over the last 30 years has   been   modified   taking   into   account   the   changed   curriculum   and   new   pattern   of   school education. Thirdly, some useful material has been developed in joint workshops of practicing teachers, teacher educators and popular science writers. The material is in different formats like story, cartoon based presentation, question­ answer form, skit, etc.


The material so developed will be made available to all the stakeholders through MKCL in the distributed classrooms spread all over the state.




In Proceedings


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