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Acitvities Based Biology Experiments


In 1996-1997, HBCSE developed advance biology laboratory for 10+2 level. The objective of the lab was to develop activities based biology experiments with emphasis on understanding life processes  through activities with low-cost and easy to do experiments.


The following is a list of a few experiments developed in the lab:


  • Mitosis:  Study of various stages of cell division and preparation of permanent slides.
  • Drosophila culture:  Study of the life cycle of Drosophila. Developing the culture using low-cost material and maintaining the culture at room temperature. Studying the life forms of Drosophila.
  • DNA extraction:  Extraction of DNA from blood with not so sophisticated technique. Guidance from Dr. Joshi, Dr. Rita of BARC.
  • Microbiology:  Prepared culturing plates, made observations of motility of micro-organisms under guidance of Dr. Frietas, Dr. B.S. Mahajan.
  • Biochemistry:  Study the breakdown of starch into simple sugars.  Preparing buffer solutions.
  • Genetics:  Study of normal human karyotype and various syndromes.
  • Chromatography:  Study the separation of pigments.
  • Metabolic Integration:  Prepared a chart of biochemical pathways bringing out their integration.
  • Microscope: Hands-on demonstration of handling, using of microscopes


A laboratory manual of the activities based experiments was developed by the team members--- G. Nagarjuna, Meena Kharatmal, Amruta Patil


A one-week orientation course based on the activities developed in the lab was conducted for the teachers of AEES across the country. The course comprised of lectures, activities, field visit. The resource persons for the course have been H. C. Pradhan, G. Nagarjuna, B. S. Mahajan, V. G. Gambhir, Shobhana Sharma, Frietas, Joshi, Rita Mukhopadhyay, Meena Kharatmal, Amruta Patil

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