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Pro-Am 3

List of selected participants for Astronomy Olympiad Exposure Camp 2013 has been uploaded here.


List of selected participants (Pro-Am 3)              Pro-Am 3 Lectures

Theme: Radio Astronomy

Moderator: Niruj Mohan R.

Invited Speakers:

Bhalchandra Joshi, NCRA

Avinash Deshpande, RRI

Raj Kunkolienkar, BITS, Goa

Kedar Soni, Dombivali


Theme: Astrophotography and Optical Instrumentation

Moderator: Anand Ghaisas

Invited Speakers:

S. N. Tandon, ISRO

Padmakar Parihar, IIA

Ajay Talwar, AAA, Delhi

*Suresh Mohan, Chennai


Theme: Variables / Occultations / Comets / Novae etc.

Moderator: Arvind Paranjpye

Invited Speakers:

Varun Bhalerao, IUCAA

Margarita Safonova, IIA

*David Dunham, IOTA (skype session)

Deepak Joshee, JVP, Pune

Aniruddha Deshpande, JVP, Pune


Theme: Citizen Science and Virtual Observatory

Moderator: Samir Dhurde

Invited Speakers:

Ashish Mahabal, Caltech

Ananda Hota, UM-DAE CBS, Mumbai

Shishir Deshmukh, Kalyan

*Bharat Nowal, Pune


Theme: Astronomy Education, Outreach and Dark Skies

Moderator: Aniket Sule

Invited Speakers:

T. V. Venkateshwaran, Vigyan Prasar, Delhi

Jasjeet Singh Bagla, IISER, Mohali

Dilip Joshi, Khagol Mandal, Mumbai

Gordon Hudson, Royal Astronomical Society, New Zealand


* - yet to confirm.


Fostering collaboration between amateur and professional astronomers in India

Download: poster: [JPG] [PDF]

Date: Oct 26-27, 2013

Venue: Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), Mumbai

We are happy to announce the 3rd Professional-Amateur Meeting in Astronomy (Pro-Am 3), which will be held during Oct 26-27, 2013 in Mumbai. Organised by the Astronomical Society of India (ASI), this is the third in this series, the previous ones being held in Bangalore (2009) and Delhi (2012). Pro-Am 3 will not only bring together astronomers of the two levels, but will also try to enable long-term collaborative projects.

Goals of Pro-Am 3

India has a rich tradition of amateur astronomy groups and individuals across the country, who are involved in a diverse range of activities. India is also host to a dynamic and world-class professional astronomy community. Pro-Am 3 aims at bringing these two sets of people together to foster collaborative effort and exchange of knowledge.

To this effect, Pro-Am 2013 will have multiple special sessions on selected topics which are of interest to amateurs, and are also relevant to professionals. These sessions will involve professionals who are willing to set up long term projects with amateurs. We also hope to enable sharing of resources amongst amateurs and setting up of research networks amongst these groups. We will also have an open brainstorming session towards this end.


Discussion themes

  • Amateur Radio Astronomy (Observations / Hardware)
  • Astrophotography & Optical Astronomy Instrumentation
  • for amateur use
  • Observation of transients & time variability (Variable stars / Occultations / Meteors / Comets / Novae)
  • Day Time Astronomy
  • Citizen Science & Virtual Observatory
  • Outreach, Astronomy Education & Dark Skies
  • Needs of Amateurs Astronomers’ community in India

Posters Invited
In order to set the stage for the sessions, we invite posters from participants, both as individuals and groups, on any of their work in context with the themes. See registration form for details.

Travel and Local Hospitality
All selected participants will be offered free local hospitality. Limited travel support may be available. See registration form for details.

Important Dates and Forms
Deadline for poster abstract submission: July 30, 2013
Intimation of selection: August 20, 2013
Registration form:
Address: Pro-Am 3, Astronomy Cell,
Homi Bhabha Centre for Science
Education, V. N. Purav Marg,
Mankhurd, Mumbai, 4000088.
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