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Maiden Publications with Students

One's first publication is like first love and one seldom forgets it. A very large number of physicists, mostly undergraduates, have their first publication in a peer-reviewed international journal with me. The first publication journal is empowering and gives the student a sense that she too can make a contribution, perhaps small, to the general body of human knowledge. 

Some examples (the student collaborator's name is in bold):


  1. “Feynman Path Integral Approach to the Aharonov-Bohm Effect”, C. Gerry and Vijay A. Singh, Phys. Rev. D. 20, 2550-2554 (1979).
  2. “Electronic States in Amorphous Metals: Comparison of Effective Medium Theories with ’Exact’ Calculations”, Mary-Ann Aloisio, Vijay A. Singh and L.M. Roth, J. Phys. F11, 1823-1832 (1981).
  3. “The Vacancy in Cubic Tetrahedrally Coordinated Materials", R.L. Kleinhenz, S.N. Sahu, Vijay A. Singh and J.W. Corbett, Phys. Lett. 83A, 291-293 (1981).
  4. “New Method for Self-Consistency in Disordered Systems”, Vijay A. Singh and Paul Bendt, Phys. Rev. B 27, 6464-6468 (1983).
  5. “Semi-Empirical Tight Binding Calculations for the Energy Bands of the Diamond and Zinc-Blende Type Semiconductors”, S.N. Sahu, J.T. Borenstein, Vijay A. Singh and J.W. Corbett, Phys. Stat. Sol. (b) 122. 661-667 (1984).
  6. “On the Origin of E3-Like Defects in GaAs and GaAs1−x Sbx Alloys”, P.A. Murawala, Vijay A. Singh, S. Subramanian, S.S. Chandvankar and B.M. Arora, Phys. Rev. B 29, (RAPIDCOMM.) 4807-10 (1984).
  7. “A Renormalization Group Study of Weak Disorder in the Anderson Hamiltonian", G.R. Bhat, Vijay A. Singh, and K. Subbarao, J. Phys. C 17, 5569-5576 (1984).
  8. “Thermally Stimulated Current Studies of the Density of Gap States in Amorphous Silicon”, D.S. Misra, Vijay A. Singh, S.C. Agarwal, Solid State Comm. 55, 147-150 (1985).
  9. “Theoretical Study of the Electronic States of Substitutional Transition Metal Impurities in InP”, P.K. Khowash, D.C. Khan, Vijay A. Singh, J. Phys. C.18, 6177-6184 (1985).
  10. “Phenomenological Approach to the Electronic Structure of Glassy Transition Metal Alloys”, A.K. Bannerjee, Vijay A. Singh and A.K. Majumdar, Phys. Rev. B 32, 8384-8386 (1985).
  11. “Inversion of Chalcogen Defect Levels in Silicon: an MNDO Study”, Raj K. Singh, S.N. Sahu, Vijay A. Singh, and J.W. Corbett, Physics Lett. 112A, 175-177 (1985).
  12. “Impurity Density of States of the Oxygen Thermal Donor in Silicon”, K. Banerjee and Vijay A. Singh, Mat. Lett. 4 447-450 (1986).
  13. “Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) Analysis of Defect Levels in Semiconductor Alloys”, Amita Das, Vijay A. Singh, and David V. Lang, Semicond. Sci. & Tech. 3, 1177-1183 (1988).
  14. “Scaling Models for Flight Patterns and Sexual Dimorphism in Raptors”, Ramana M. Athreya and Vijay A. Singh, J. Bombay Natural History Society, 87, 210 - 217 (1990).
  15. “Quantum Approximation to Regular and Chaotic Classical Motion: An Electron in Two Periodic Potentials”, J.C. Kimball, Vijay A. Singh and Mark D’Souza, Phys. Rev. A 45, 7065-7072 (1992).
  16. “Theory of the Photoluminescence Spectra of Porous Silicon”, George C. John and Vijay A. Singh, Phys. Rev. B 50, 5329-5334 (1994).
  17. “Temperature-Time Duality and Deep Level Spectroscopy”, Sandeep Agarwal, Y.N.Mohapatra, and Vijay A. Singh, J. Appl. Phys. 77, 3155-3161 (1995).
  18. “Unified Model for the Luminescence and Transport Data in Self Supporting Porous Silicon”, R.M. Mehra, V. Agarwal, Vijay A. Singh, and P.C. Mathur, J. Appl. Phys. 183 , 2235-2240 (1998).
  19. “An effective exponent for the size dependence of luminescence in semiconductor nanocrystallites ” , V. Ranjan, Vijay A. Singh and George C. John , Phys. Rev. B. ,58 , 1158-1161 (1998).
  20. “A Phenomenological Study of the Si-H Infrared Spectra in Porous and Amorphous Silicon”, Manish Kapoor and Vijay A. Singh, Mod. Phys. Lett. B 20, 703-708 (1999).
  21. “The Role of the Carrier Mass in Semiconductor Quantum Dots”, M. Singh, V. Ranjan, and Vijay A. Singh, Intnl. J. Mod. Phys. B 14, 1755 - 1765 (2000).
  22. “Scaling of Coulomb and Exchange-Correlation with Quantum Dot Size”, R. K. Pandey, Manoj K. Harbola, and Vijay A. Singh, Phys. Rev. B 67, 075315-1 – 075315-2 (2003).
  23. “Ferromagnetism in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor – Generalized RKKY Interaction and Spin - Wave Excitations”, Avinash Singh, Animesh Datta, Subrat Das, and Vijay A. Singh, Phys. Rev. B 68 235208-1 – 235208-9 (2003).
  24. “Size Dependence of the Mossbauer Effect in One Dimension”, Tarun Grover, Kedar Singh, and Vijay A. Singh, Solid State Commun., 133, 403 - 406 (2005)
  25. “Revisitng Elementary Quantum Mechanics with the BenDaniel - Duke Boundary Condition”, Vijay A. Singh and Luv Kumar, Amer. J. Phys. 74, 412 - 418 (2006).
  26. “The Quantum States of Neutron in Earth’s Gravitational Field: A Challenge from the 36th International Physics Olympiad”, Vijay A. Singh, P. Pathak, and K. K. Chaitanya, Resonance, 11, 90 - 100 Aug. (2006).
  27. “A Potpourri of Fermi Problems”, P. Pathak, H. Asnani, and Vijay A. Singh, Resonance, 12, 58 - 66 June (2007).
  28. “Exploring Black Hole Physics via Dimensional Analysis”, P. Pathak, V. Uppal, and Vijay A. Singh, Resonance, 13, 475 - 486 May (2008).
  29. “Mean-field Theory of Coulomb Blockade Disribution for a Disordered Ensemble of Quantum Dots”, A. Kamra, P. Pathak, and Vijay A. Singh, Physical Review B, 77, 115302-1 -115302-7 (2008).
  30. “Effective Mass Theory of Two - Dimensional Quantum Dot in the Presence of a Magnetic Field”, H. Asnani, R. Mahajan, P. Pathak and Vijay A. Singh, Pramana, 73, 573-580 (2009).
  31. “An Entropic Measure for the Teaching - Learning Process”, Vijay A. Singh, P. Pathak and P. Pandey, Physica A: 388, 4453-4458 (2009).
  32. “Simple Models for the 100 meter Dash", Priyanka deSouza and Vijay A. Singh, Resonance, 20, 592-602, (2010).
  33. “Approximate approches to the One-Dimensional Finite Potential Well”, Shilpi Singh, Praveen Pathak, Vijay A. Singh, Eur. J. Phys., 32, 1701-1710, (2011).
  34. “Variation in Angular Velocity and Angular Acceleration of a Particle in Rectilinear Motion" K.K. Mashood and Vijay A. Singh, Eur. J. Phys., 33, 475-478,(2012).
  35. “Photoluminescence Spectra of InAs Quantum dots Embedded in Gaas Heterostructure”, Subhananda Chakrabarti, Rahul M Makhijani, Vijay A. Singh, Journal of Luminescence, 401-406, (2012). Also in AIP Conference Proceedings 1512, 202 (2013).
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