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The 46th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) was held at Mumbai, India from 5 to 12 July 2015.  The event was organized by the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, a national centre of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. IPhO is an annual competition in physics which involve individual theoretical and experimental competitions in Physics. For the experimental competition of the 46th IPHO, the academic team has developed an experimental problem consisting of two parts E1 and E2 and designed the complete experimental setup as an experimental kit. Please visit the following website for further details of IPhO 2015, E1 and E2. ( )


HBCSE got multiple copies of the experimental kit made for conducting the experimental competition during the 46th IPhO. After the competition, all the experimental kits were carefully dismantled and packed. One experimental kit consists of two packed paper cartons of sizes (105 x 30 x 22 cm and 46 x 46 x 22 cm) and the total weight of one complete experimental kit is 24 kg. HBCSE will send the kits through a transporter/courier agency and will be delivered to your given address. Please note that HBCSE has prepared a video to demonstrate the “Assembling of the complete experimental setup of IPHO 2015” from various components in the kit. The link to this video is available on IPhO 2015 website and on youtube.

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The complete experimental kit consist of (1 No each) Wooden platform, Laser source for Part 1 with its mount and base, DC regulated power supply for the Laser source, Sample holder with its base, Left and right reflectors (front coated mirrors), Screen (10 cm x 30 cm) with its mount, Plane mirror (10 cm x 10 cm), Sample I (helical spring), Sample II (double helix like pattern printed on glass plate), Plastic clips, Digital vernier calipers, Plastic scale (30 cm), Measuring tape (1.5 m), Light meter (connected to light sensor assembly), Tablet computer (used as sine wave generator), Digital multimeter, Vibrator control box, Rack and pinion assembly with its wooden base, Vibrator assembly, Black tray for water, Laser source for Part II, 500 ml measuring cylinder, Plastic cover, Stand Assembly with its base, hex key.

Any school/college/institution interested in the experimental problem of the IPhO 2015 has a possibility of getting the experimental setup for their laboratories/educational purpose. HBCSE is offering a maximum of two sets of the experimental kits FREE OF COST to any institution/college/school across INDIA on the FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis. HBCSE will take the responsibility of transporting the kit to your given address and the Institution/College/School will have to pay to HBCSE in advance Rs 2500/- per kit towards transportation expenses.


Please click the following link to download the



Interested institutions should send (on the address given in the form) the completed “REGISTRATION-CUM-PURCHASE FORM” by email or hard copy to reach HBCSE ASAP and not later than July 10, 2017. HBCSE reserves all the rights of distribution of the kits. An allotment committee will consider the requests and identify and communicate with the teachers / schools / institutions for allotment of kits. If required by the institutions, HBCSE may send the Proforma Invoice by email and the selected institutions/teachers will have to make the payment by bank transfer or DD. The kits will be dispatched by HBCSE immediately after receipt of the payment.

Download this Announcement in PDF format

Video Guide for Assembling the IPHO 2015 Experimental Kit



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