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epiSTEME -3 Review Papers

The epiSTEME Reviews Vol. 3 (in press)



[Abstracts of Review Talks]




The Languages of Mathematics
Abraham Arcavi


What Do ‘Good’ Teachers Know? Investigating Teacher Professional Knowledge
Frank Banks


Social Dimensions of Mathematics Education
Farida Abdulla Khan


Universalization of Elementary Math and Science As a Scientific Problem
Vivek Monteiro


Discourse and Learning in the Science Classroom
Eduardo F Mortimer


Design and Technology: An Emergent School Subject
Chitra Natarajan


People’s Knowledge of Proportions in Everyday Life and in the Classroom
Terezinha Nunes


Gender Exclusion in Science: Questions about Epistemology, Policies and Institutional Frameworks
Veena Poonacha


Objectifying Symbols: The Uneasy Journey of the Mathematical Object from the World, to Mind, to Discourse
Anna Sfard


First Steps Toward Proof
Shailesh A Shirali


Learning and Teaching Design and Technology: Meeting Needs, Developing Capability
Kay Stables

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