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Electronic Proceedings of
epiSTEME-1  International Conference to review research on Science, Technology, and Mathematics Education

Trends in Technology Education Research
Marc J. de Vries
Abstract(PDF)  Review Talk

The Design and Development of Cognitive Acceleration through Technology Education (CATE): Implications for Teacher Education
John L. Backwell & A. Hamaker
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

To Identify and Structure Technology that Has Already Crept into the School Curriculum
P. K. Bhattacharyya
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(.ZIP)

Placing Technology Education within the Gender Perspective
Sugra Chunawala & Chitra Natarajan
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

A Study of Laptops in Science Education
David Devraj Kumar
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Design as Drawings: Analyzing Drawings of Middle School Students in Technology Education Tasks
Ritesh Khunyakari, Swati Mehrotra, Sugra Chunawala & Chitra Natarajan
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Visions and Mandates: An Analysis of Three Indian IT Curriculum Guides
Punyashloke Mishra & Irfan Muzaffar
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Outreach in Engineering Education: The GK-12 Learning Partnership Program
Barbara M. Moskal
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Introducing Design and Technology in School Education: Legitimising Multiple Expressions in Classrooms
Chitra Natarajan & Sugra Chunawala
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Early Exposure of Pre-College Students to Information Technology
Keshav S. Varde
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Reforming Education: The Pursuit of Learning through Authentic Inquiry in Mathematics, Science and Technology
James J. Watters & Carmel M. Diezmann
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)