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Electronic Proceedings of
epiSTEME-1  International Conference to review research on Science, Technology, and Mathematics Education

Trends in Mathematics Education Research

Trends in Mathematics Education Research: The Example of Algebra Education
Kaye Stacey
Abstract(PDF)  Review Talk

Tamil Mathematical Manuscripts and the Possibility of a Social History of Mathematics Education in India
Senthil Babu
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Term’ as a Bridge Concept between Algebra and Arithmetic
Rakhi Banerjee & K. Subramaniam
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Teaching-Research and Design Experiment – Two Methodologies of Integrating Research and Classroom Practice
Bronislaw Czarnocha & Vrunda Prabhu
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Diagrammatic Knowledge in Mathematics in the Information Age
Carmel M. Diezmann
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Inquiry as a Tool and as a “Way of Being” in Mathematics Teaching Development
Barbara Jaworski
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(.ZIP)

Teachers’ Implementation of a Curriculum Reform
Bodil Kleve
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Investigating Teachers’ Pedagogical Beliefs about Mathematics, Science and Reading Literacy in the PISA Project
Bracha Kramarski & Nura Resh
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

The Teaching of Place Value – Cognitive Considerations
Usha Menon
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(.ZIP)

A Study on Integration of Teaching Science and Mathematics
Chel Madan Mohan
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Students’ Use of Language and Symbols to Reason about Expressions
Shweta Naik, Rakhi Banerjee & K. Subramaniam
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Math Wars and the Epistemic Divide in Mathematics
C. K. Raju
Abstract(PDF)   Paper(PDF)

Developing Cognitive Flexibility
Satyawati Rawool
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

What if Socrates uses Mathlets?
Perihan Sen & Özlem Çeziktürk
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

A View on Active Learning in Mathematics through Historical Context
Oleksiy Yevdokimov
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Transparent Objects and Processes in Learning Mathematics
Orit Zaslavsky
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)