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Electronic Proceedings of
epiSTEME-1  International Conference to review research on Science, Technology, and Mathematics Education

Assesment and Measurement

Challenges in Measurement of Scientific Attitude
Leena Deshpande
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

The Effects of Metacognitive Instruction Embedded within Asynchronous Learning Network on Scientific Inquiry Skills
Zemira R. Mevarech, Michal Zion & Tova Michalsky
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

An Overview of the Development of Learning Standards for Science and Mathematics Education: KG-8
Sridhar Rajagopalan, Vyjayanthi Sankar & Poonam Batta
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)

Acquisition of Process Skills by IV Standard Pupils through an Instructional Programme in Environmental Studies
N. Ramkumar & Sudarshan C. Panigrahi
Abstract(PDF)  Paper(PDF)