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Vigyan Pratibha Website

Vigyan Pratibha Website


Talent Nurture

Talent Nurture among School and College Students

The Centre's programmes for students range from remedial training of under-performing students to promotion of excellence among promising school and college students. These may vary in duration from a few days to a few weeks. The Centre carried out a major programme for the residential tribal schools in three districts of Maharashtra.  It was a natural continuation of the Centre's notable programmes on education of first generation learners/ scheduled caste students and non-formal education.


Accommodation for about 50 visitors is possible in the HBCSE guest house.  Long-term arrangements with school networks can be worked out for periodic orientation of their teachers and students. Courses may be held on the HBCSE campus or at other mutually agreed sites. The Centre can also organise courses on behalf of international agencies. Course fees may be payable on individual or institutional basis.


Short visits of a day or two to see the Centre's laboratories/exhibition, etc. can also be arranged for students and teachers.


Requests for training programmes should be addressed to the Centre Director, HBCSE.

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