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    Science Education for Diversity (SED)

    A European Commission Project

    Science Education for Diversity is a European Commission funded project under the 7th Framework Program.


    SED Project Brochure


    All final reports can be obtained from-


    HBCSE Members:





    • SED Kickoff Meeting -- February 2010, UK
    • SED Panel Discussion at epiSTEME 4 conference -- 6 January 2011, India
    • SED India Meet -- 11-13 January 2011, Mumbai, India





    In Proceedings

    • Chunawala, S., Birwatkar, P., Muralidhar, A. & Natarajan, C. (2013). Looking at 
    • science through the lens of diversity: Views of Indian students and teachers. In G. 
    • Nagarjuna, A. Jamakhandi, & E. Sam (Eds.). Proceedings epiSTEME 5: International 
    • Conference to Review Research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, 
    • Cinnamonteal: India, pp. 185 191.
    • Chunawala, S. and Natarajan C. (2012). A Study of Policies Related to Science Education for Diversity in India. In "Towards Effective Teaching and Meaningful Learning in Mathematics, Science and Technology", Proceedings of ISTE International Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, South Africa, Oct 2011. [Download pdf]




    • Beena Choksi, Sugra Chunawala, Chitra Natarajan (2010): Science Education for Diversity- India Country Report. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai, India (October 2010). [Download pdf]


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