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Ph.D. Theses

Ongoing Projects
Ph.D.s Awarded

Ongoing Projects


Model-Based reasoning with vectors: A case for use of interactive media

Durgaprasad Karnam

Advisor: Dr. Aniket Sule


Urban farming in schools to nurture environmental practices: Motivating action towards a sustainable future

Deborah Dutta

Advisors: Prof. Sanjay Chandrasekharan & Dr. Ankush Gupta

Engaging secondary science teachers and students with Socioscientific Issue based modules to promote Critical Science Education

Meenakshi Kaushik

Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala


Investigating Interactions between Teachers and Curriculum Materials

Chaitanya Ursekar

Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala


Exploring Mathematical Explorations

Jayasree Subramanian

Advisor: Prof. K. Subramaniam & Prof. R. Ramanujam

The Visual Rhetoric of Biology
Charudatta Navare
Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala

Problem-Based Learning Approach to Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Education
Sujatha Varadarajan
Advisor: Prof. Savita Ladage

Student Questioning in Student Talk: Understanding the Process and its Role in Doing Science
Gurinder Singh
Advisor: Prof. K. K. Mishra

The Cultivation of Cultivation: Understanding the Relationships between Agriculture, Farmers' and Scientific Methods, and Education

Rosemary Varkey M.
Advisor: Prof. G. Nagarjuna

Exploring possibilities of science education for social transformation using waste as a context

Himanshu Srivastava
Advisor: Prof. K. Subramaniam

Addressing disability oppression through critical ethnography and mathematics education
Rossi D'Souza
Advisor: Prof. K. Subramaniam


Effectiveness of Refined Concept Mapping Technique for Science Education

Meena Kharatmal

Advisor: Dr. G. Nagarjuna


Students’ Alternative Conceptions in Heat and Thermodynamics

Shirish R. Pathare

Advisor: Prof. H. C. Pradhan & Prof. Savita Ladage


Investigating the effects of an Inquiry Science Classroom: Behavioural and Attitudinal Changes in Children

Aisha M. Kawalkar

Advisor: Dr. Jyotsna Vijapurkar


Designing and implementing a collaborative teacher professional development model for planning project based learning in Indian schools

Saurav Shome

Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala & Prof. Jayashree Ramadas


Inclusive science education in elementary & secondary schools with a focus on strategies for reaching science to children with visual impairments

Amit Sharma

Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala


Developing teachers' understanding of students' mathematical thinking through classroom-based tasks
Shikha Takker
Advisor: Prof. K. Subramaniam

Children's understanding of measurement concepts
Jeenath Rahaman
Advisor: Prof. K. Subramaniam

Designing learning contexts for understanding facilitating the transition from qualitative to quantitative knowledge using model-based reasoning
Shraddha Ghumre
Advisor: Dr. G. Nagarjuna


Teaching, learning and assessment of elementary mathematics through a collaborative, constructive and distributed instant messaging environment

Rafikh Shaikh

Advisor: Dr. Nagarjuna G.


Ph.D.s Awarded

Solving for pattern: An operational-level model to redesign engineering education for sustainability [Synopsis] [Thesis] - Provisional 

Geetanjali Date

Advisor: Prof. Sanjay Chandrasekharan

Graphicacy issues in school textbooks and designing learning contexts to address them [Synopsis] [Thesis]

Amit Dhakulkar

Advisor: Prof. G. Nagarjuna

October 2018, TIFR Deemed University

Supporting In-service Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers: The Role of Beliefs and Knowledge [Synopsis]

Ruchi Kumar

Advisor: Dr. K. Subramaniam

May 2018, TIFR Deemed University


Rethinking Representational Competence: Cognitive mechanisms, empirical studies, and the design of a new media intervention [Synopsis]

Prajakt Pande

Advisor: Dr. Sanjay Chandrasekharan

May 2018, TIFR Deemed University


The cognitive role of external representations in understanding DNA structure [Synopsis] [Thesis]

Anveshna Srivastava

Advisor: Dr. Sanjay Chandrasekharan

November 2017, TIFR Deemed University


Conceptualizing Critical Science Education through Socioscientific Issues [Synopsis]
Aswathy Raveendran 

Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala 

October 2017, TIFR Deemed University

Work, Knowledge and Identity: Implications for school learning of out-of-school mathematical knowledge [Synopsis]

Arindam Bose

Advisor: Prof. K. Subramaniam

April 2015, TIFR Deemed University


Development and evaluation of a concept inventory in rotational kinematics [Synopsis] [Thesis]

Mashood K. K.

Advisor: Prof. Vijay Singh

September 2014, TIFR Deemed University


Investigating Students', Teachers' and Designers' Ideas about Design and Developing Design Activities for Indian Middle School Students. [Synopsis] [Thesis]

Farhat Ara

Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala

April 2013, TIFR Deemed University


Cognitive Studies in Relativity [Synopsis]

Atanu Bandyopadhyay

Advisor:  Prof. Arvind Kumar & Prof. H. C. Pradhan

June 2011, TIFR Deemed University


Spatial Cognition and Visualization in Elementary Astronomy Education [Synopsis[Thesis]

Shamin Padalkar

Advisor: Prof. Jayashree Ramadas

February 2011, TIFR Deemed University


Visual Depictions and Mental Visualisation of Human Body Systems in Middle School Students [Synopsis] [Thesis]

Sindhu Mathai

Advisor: Prof. Jayashree Ramadas

January 2011, TIFR Deemed University


Understanding Causality in Natural Selection: Towards the Problematic of Learning Darwin’s Theory of Evolution [Synopsis]

Abhijeet Bardapurkar

Advisor: Dr. G. Nagarjuna

February 2009, TIFR Deemed University


Investigating Middle School Students’ Perceptions of Technology and Developing Design and Technology Education Units to Study Students’ Design Productions [Synopsis] [Thesis]

Ritesh P. Khunyakari

Advisor: Prof. Chitra Natarajan

December 2008, TIFR Deemed University


Introducing Indian Middle School Students to Collaboration and Communication Centred Design and Technology Education: A Focus on Socio –Cultural and Gender Aspects [Synopsis] [Thesis]

Swati Mehrotra

Advisor: Prof. Sugra Chunawala

November 2008, TIFR Deemed University


Developing a Learning Sequence for Transiting from Arithmetic to Elementary Algebra [Synopsis] [Thesis]

Rakhi Banerjee

Advisor: Dr. K. Subramaniam

October 2008, TIFR Deemed University


Development of Innovative Experimental Problems and Demonstrations in Physics with Suitable Instructional Strategy For them and Investigating their Effectiveness in Laboratory Training [Synopsis] [Thesis]

Rajesh B. Khaparde

Advisor: Prof. H. C. Pradhan

June 2001, University of Mumbai


Interactive Instructional Systems for Elucidating Concepts in Chemistry


Syed Safi Athar

Advisor: Prof. Arvind Kumar & Prof. S. C. Agarkar

July 1999, University of Mumbai


Identifying Student's Misconcepts and Learning Barriers in Chemistry and Designing and Evaluating Appropriate Remedial Measures

Savita A. Ladage

Advisor: Shri. V. G. Kulkarni

January 1995, University of Bombay


The Impact of Science Education in Terms of Human Resource Development in Socio-Economically Deprived Groups (With Special Emphasis on Career Selection)

[Synopsis] [Thesis] 
Sugra Chunawala

Advisor: Shri. V. G. Kulkarni

April 1992, University of Poona


Mathematical Modelling of Literacy Progression and Information Diffusion

Manjusha S. Kulkarni

Advisor: Shri. V. G. Kulkarni & Prof. Arvind Kumar

1992, University of Poona


Developing Instructional Strategies to Overcome Difficulties in Concept Formation in Science and Mathematics


Sudhakar C. Agarkar

Advisor: Shri. V. G. Kulkarni

March 1987, University of Poona


Curriculum Development in Science Relevant to the Indian School System


Jayashree Ramadas

Advisor: Shri. V. G. Kulkarni

July 1981, University of Poona






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