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Geetanjali R. Date

My thesis work is about socially-engaged engineering education with a focus on design of equitable, sustainable, and appropriate technologies for development. My research area is understanding / characterizing the design processes and thinking of 'grassroots designers' (formal and mostly non-formal practitioners who design engineering solutions to address the needs of the 'base of the pyramid' sections of the society). I am collecting data on the practices of such designers, in the form of interviews, artifact (design) histories, photos, and secondary data. We analyze the data, by tracing the historical trajectory of artifact design changes, and to understand the interaction of need, problem context, and various kinds of technical knowledge in such designing. The objective is to bring insights from this analysis to engineering curricula/pedagogy using integrated case studies, such that undergraduate engineering students are better trained at innovating for socially relevant problems.




  1. Chandrasekharan, S., Date, G., Pande, P., Rahaman, J., Shaikh, R., Srivastava, A., Srivastava, N., Agrawal, H. (2015). Eye to I: Males Recognize Own Eye Movements, Females Inhibit Recognition. Proceedings of the 37th Annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Pasadena, USA.

  2. Date, G., Chandrasekharan. S. (2014). Beyond interfaces: Understanding the process of designing grassroots technologies, to develop sustainability case studies for engineering education. Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Technology for Education, Kerala, India.

Refereed conference abstracts


  1. Date, G. & Chandrasekharan, S. (2016). Learning from grassroots innovation: Case studies for a socially engaged engineering education. Poster to be presented at the EE Graduate Research Consortium, ASEE, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

  2. Date, G. & Chandrasekharan, S. (2016). Paper to be presented at the Second Graduate Seminar School of Public Policy & Governance, TISS, Hyderabad, India.

  3. Date, G., Chandrasekharan. S. (2015). Characterising the grassroots innovation process, to develop value-driven case studies for engineering pedagogy. Abstract book of the 3rd International Conference on Creativity and Innovations at Grassroots, Ahmedabad, India.




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