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Sugra Chunawala





Current Position: Associate Professor (G)

Ph.D. thesis:
The impact of science education in terms of human resource development in socio-economically deprived groups (with special emphasis on career selection)

Research interests


  • Attitudinal studies of students and teachers
  • Students' perceptions of science
  • Attitudes to school and school subjects
  • Students' and teachers' perceptions of scientists
  • Students' and teachers' perceptions of technology
  • Students' alternative conceptions of science topics
  • Students' conceptions of health
  • Students' ideas about living and non-living
  • Students' ideas about forests
  • Students' ideas about experiments
  • Gender and technology as part of a project titled Technology Centred School Education (TCSE).

Gender and science

The permanent exhibition at HBCSE on the theme of Gender and Science is aimed at presenting the contributions of women scientists. It focuses on the historical disjunction between women, science and technology. A booklet containing the information presented in the exhibition along with some additional material has been published. Marathi version of the booklet is also available.


Activity based foundation course on Science, Technology and Society

A book titled, Conflicts is part of the series of books on the activity based foundation course on Science, Technology and Society. The book is based on activities conducted with post-school students under the J. N. Tata Endowment Trust Programme. It focuses on conflicts as an integral part of human history. Various causes of conflicts are suggested and the progressive evolution of weapons is presented as having changed the scale of destruction involved in conflicts. The book ends with issues involving conflict resolution or peace.

History of science

Panels on the progress of social and behavioural sciences, economics, psychology, sociology and anthropology were developed for the History of science exhibition.

Curriculum Development

The development of an alternative curriculum for introducing social studies at the third standard (age 8 years) is underway. It combines history, geography and civics (citizenship education). This alternative curriculum aims to increase students' sensitivity to issues about people and places and help them recognise human activities in the context of a social system. The preparation of the teaching /learning units involves interaction with schools and field-testing of the materials prepared. The book will units on Map reading, Time measurement, Citizenship and Lifeskills.

Co-ordinator of projects with external agencies

Science Education for Diversity (SED) -- A European Commission Funded Project


Reports (SED)


Beena Choksi, Sugra Chunawala, Chitra Natarajan (2010): Science Education for Diversity- India Country Report. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai, India (October 2010).

Download pdf]

Choksi, B., Chunawala, S., Natarajan, C., with SED partners. (April, 2011). Science Education for Diversity WP2 Synthesis Report. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai, India.

Choksi, B., Chunawala, S., Natarajan, C., with SED partners. (June, 2011). Science Education for Diversity WP3 Synthesis Report. Eindhoven University of Technology. The Netherlands.



  • Farhat Ara, Sugra Chunawala and Chitra Natarajan: Students as designers and makers: Indian middle school students' creative solutions to design-without-make and design-with-make activities, Paper presented at the Designing Design Education for India, Conference, 13, 14, 15 March, 2013, Pune India.

  • Pooja Birwatkar  and Sugra Chunawala: The voices of a diverse classroom: How to hear them? Paper presentation at an ICSSR sponsored conference held at K.G. Somaiya College of Education,  Training and Research on Peace Education titled 'Nobody can bring you peace but yourself', Mumbai, March 22-23, 2013.

  • Sugra Chunawala: Science and science education through the lens of diversity. Review talk at the Fifth International Conference epiSTEME, HBCSE-TIFR, Mumbai, India, January 2013.

  • Sugra Chunawala: Science Communication in Indian Languages by the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education at the National Meet of Science Communicators in Indian Languages- jointly organised by Vignyan Prasar (DST, Govt. of India) and Vignyan Parishad Prasar (Allahabad), December 13-15, 2012.




Internal reports

  • Jena, S., & Chunawala, S. (May, 1998).  A Preliminary Report on Analysis of Primary School Social Studies Curriculum.

  • Nair, A., Ingole, R., & Chunawala, S. ( February, 1997). Exercise Your English: HBCSE, Mumbai, India.

  • Chunawala, S. (1994). Lecture notes on Foundations of Behavioural Research: HBCSE, Mumbai, India.

  • Chunawala, S (1990). A critical review of some literature on Biological Determinism as related to the field of education. HBCSE, Mumbai, India.

  • Chunawala, S., & Amte, S. (1986). A study of the effectiveness of the HBCSE Study Circle, from the viewpoint of students participating in it. (Forms part of the Interim Report1), HBCSE, Mumbai, India.


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