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Savita Ladage


Current Position: Associate Professor (G) 

Current areas of Work

  • Co-coordinator, Indian Chemistry Olympiad programme (INChO) and National Initiative on Undergraduate Science programme in chemistry (NIUS-Chemistry)

  • Responsible for training members of Indian team in experimental areas for the International Chemistry Olympiads


  • Responsible for conducting Chemistry Olympiad awareness programmes for students (in collaboration with Indian Association of Chemistry Teachers) -- (
  • Conducts Chemistry Olympiad Orientation programmes for teachers
  • Involved with teaching courses in analytical, physical and experimental chemistry at undergraduate level
  • Responsible for Development and standardization of experiments for teaching and learning of chemistry at undergraduate level
  • Responsible for guiding students’ projects in areas of surface and organic chemistry ( )


    Visiting faculty


      • University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (2004-2005, 2006)

      • UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences (CBS) (2008-2009 and 2009-2010)

    Participation in International events

    International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)

      • Accompanied Indian teams as mentor/scientific observer for IChOs organised in years 1999 (Bangkok, Thailand), 2000 (Copenhagen, Denmark) and 2009 (Cambridge, UK)

      • Member of the National Scientific Committee and National Organising Committee for the 33rd International Chemistry Olympiad.

      • Responsible for development and standardisation of experiments of 33rd IChO.

      • Member of International Steering Committee for International Chemistry Olympiad, 2000-2001


    NIUS Chemistry Publications

      Awards and Membership

        • Received best Chemistry Teacher Award from Chemical Research Society of India (CRIS) in January 2006

        • Vice –President for Western region of Indian Association of Chemistry Teachers (IACT) (2008-2010)

      Research Interests

        • Development of experiments for undergraduate chemistry

        • Conceptual understanding and misconceptions in chemistry

       Area of interest:

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