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Mashood K. K.

My research involves the development of a comprehensive concept inventory in rotational kinematics. A concept inventory is a set of carefully crafted multiple choice questions on a concept or a topic, aimed at probing misconceptions and eliciting ill suited reasoning patterns. They serve as ready to use diagnostic and assessment tools. Owing to our huge and diverse student and teacher population, concept inventories hold special relevance in the Indian educational scenario.


  • Joined the Ph D program in August, 2007.

  • Completed the graduate studies course work (2007-09) with 9.4 CGPA, as a requirement for pursuing research.

  • Completed Ph D in September, 2014

Research publications in international journals:

  • Mashood, K.K. and Vijay A. Singh (2013). Evaluation of the inventory on rotational kinematics, presented at the Foundations and Frontiers in Physics Education Research (FFPER), Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.

  • Mashood, K. K. and Vijay A. Singh (2015). Rotational kinematics of a rigid body about a fixed axis: Development and analysis of an inventory. European Journal of Physics 36, 045020.
  • Mashood, K.K. and Vijay A. Singh (2013). Large-scale studies on the transferability of general problem-solving skills and the pedagogic potential of physics. Physics Education (IOP-UK), 48, 629-35.

  • Mashood K. K. and Vijay A. Singh (2012), An inventory on rotational kinematics of a particle: Unravelling misconceptions and pitfalls in reasoning, European Journal of Physics, 33, 1301-12.

  • Mashood K. K. and Vijay A. Singh (2012), Rotational kinematics of a particle in rectilinear motion: Perceptions and pitfalls, American Journal of Physics, 80(8), 720-23.

  • Mashood K. K. and Vijay A. Singh (2012), Variation in angular velocity and angular acceleration of a particle in rectilinear motion, European Journal of Physics, 33, 473-78.


Research publications in international conferences:

  • Mashood K. K. and Singh, V. (2013).  Development of a concept inventory in rotational kinematics: Initial phases and some methodological concerns. In Nagarjuna, Arvind & E Sam (Eds.) Proceedings of epiSTEME 5 -- International Conference to Review Research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, HBCSE,  India: Cinnamonteal.
  • Mashood K. K. and Vijay A. Singh (2012), An inventory on angular velocity of a particle, In Tasar, F (Ed.), Book of Abstracts, World Conference on Physics Education (WCPE), July 1-6, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Mashood K. K. (2009), Historico -critical analysis of the concept of mass: From antiquity to Newton, In Subramaniam, K., & Mazumdar, A. (Eds.), Proceedings of Conference epiSTEME-3, Mumbai, India, 5-9 Jan., 33-37.


Projects and Workshops:


  • Internship at the University of Washington, Seattle under the Visiting International Student Internship Training (VISIT) program. Supervised by Prof. Paula Heron, Physics Education Group, Department of Physics, April – June 2013.

  • Short visit to Mazur group, Harvard University which has pioneered the interactive pedagogy – Peer Instruction, June 2013.

  • Attended workshop for teachers in Peer Instruction conducted by Prof. Eric Mazur at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, November 2013

  • Attended Indo -US Science and Technology Forum Workshop on Science Education, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, 13-15 December, 2010.

  • Carried out the project titled ' Nurturing scientific creativity in India: A pedagogical challenge', Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, June-July, 2007.




  • M Sc Physics, 2007, 7.92 CGPA, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala.

  • B Sc Physics, 2005, 87.2 %, Kannur University, Kerala.

  • All India Senior Secondary School Examination, 2002, 80.8 %, Central Board of Secondary Education.

  • All India Secondary School Examination, 2000, 82 %, Central Board of Secondary Education.




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