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Registration for 33rd International Chemistry Olympiad 2001


You may select and download the forms listed below in the format suitable to you: MSWord97 (560 to 570Kb) or PDF (70Kb) format.


"Visitors Clearance Form" has been added to the list of registration forms below. Please download this form in a format suitable to you and send the completed form as early as possible to HBCSE. Any inconvenience caused is regretted. However, kindly note that it is obligatory for the organising institution (HBCSE) to send the details of visitors as specified in the form to the Government of India for holding the 33rd IChO.


List of Forms

Form Type                                                                
Choose a Format
Students Registration Form                                       
Word      PDF
Mentors Registration Form                                        
Word      PDF
Scientific Observe and Guest Registration Form   
Word     PDF
Country Registration Form                                         
Word     PDF
Travel Details Form                                                     
Word     PDF
Visitors Clearance Form                                             
Word     PDF
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