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Do Read This:

Dear Colleagues,

This is the last communication before your arrival in India. Here is some important information which may please be noted.


1) The monsoon has arrived in Mumbai. The monsoon rains can sometimes be very heavy. Everyone must bring an umbrella or a raincoat.


2) After you clear the immigration and customs and come to the exit of the Sahar airport (also called Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport), please look for our reception teams carrying the 33rd IChO banners. The reception teams will guide you to the appropriate venues.


3) Please remember that Mumbai International Airport can sometimes be very crowded, especially, when a large number of flights land at midnight. Do not attend to any unsolicited help. We request you to have patience and bring the luggage out on your own following the procedures laid out there.


4) In case for some reason you cannot spot the reception teams (which is unlikely), you should take prepaid taxis for the whole team to the following venue. The distance is less than 10 km and will cost you about USD 10 per taxi.

Hotel Centaur
Juhu Beach
Mumbai - 400 049.
Tel : +91-22-6113040
Fax + 91- 22-611 6343 / 612 8483
(please do not dial country code + 91 and city code + 22, if you are calling from the airport)

We shall then arrange to transfer the students from the Hotel to their venue (BARC Hostel, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai - 400 094).


5) As has been communicated earlier, delegations arriving on July 5th or later will be split at the airport itself. Students will be transferred to their venue (BARC Hostel) and the mentors, observers and guests will be transferred to the Hotel Centaur, Juhu Beach.


6) Delegations arriving before 5th of July will also be received and the entire team will be transferred to Hotel Centaur, Juhu Beach. Students will then be transferred to BARC Hostel on July 5 noon. Local hospitality will begin from July 5 evening. The delegations will pay for their accommodation and meals for the pre-olympiad period.


7) Please remember an important thing. There are two Hotels by the name of Centaur :

Hotel Centaur Juhu Beach
Hotel Centaur Airport

The venue for mentors, scientific observers and guests is Hotel Centaur Juhu Beach and NOT Hotel Centaur Airport.


8) You can convert your money into Indian rupees at the airport or at Hotel Centaur, Juhu Beach. This Hotel will accept foreign currency ONLY in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Travellers cheques (only American Express). Please remember that credit cards will not be accepted at the Hotel for conversion to Indian Rupees. Credit Cards may be accepted at big shopping centres, etc.

Countries paying participation fee/observer fee, etc on arrival should note that the Registration Desk of the 33rd IChO organizers will accept money only in Indian Rupees. This means they should bring foreign currency only in USD, Pounds Sterling or Travellers cheques (American Express) if they want it exchanged at Hotel Centaur. Other convertible currency can be exchanged at the Airport. We repeat that the organizers will accept payment only in Indian Rupees.


9) After your arrival at the airport, in case of any difficulty, please contact the following :

Prof. Arvind Kumar

Centre Director
Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
Mobile Telephone : 98211 - 56554
Telephone No : 556 2132, 557 6248
                       556 7711, 558 0890


Shri P.R. Fadnavis

Senior Administrative Officer


Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education

Mobile Telephone : 98212 - 68401

Telephone Number : 556 4209, 556 7711, 558 0036 
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