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An introduction and appraisal of Cognitive Models

Outline of the course:

This course introduces various ways of approaching cognitive phenomena. The methods and models used by various schools of thought will be introduced followed by discussion.

Course structure:

First four sessions will give a general introduction to cognitive phenomena, technical terms, and brief historical overview. This will be followed by

       2 sessions on Constructivism (GN)

       2 sessions on Rationalist and Behaviourist models (GN)

       2 sessions on modern reconstructions of Piaget (GN)

       2 sessions on situated cognition and social constructivism (CN/SC)

       2 sessions on Information processing model (KS)

       2 sessions  (AK)

       2 sessions on theory model (GN)

       4 sessions on presenting critical review papers (preferably by students)

       2 sessions for assessment and winding up.

       2 session for presentation of term papers.


Assessment : for students crediting the course will be continuous, based on participation in discussions, weekly assignments, followed by a term paper (an essay on any topic of student's choice)

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