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Rayat Shikshan Sanstha Satara, Teachers' Workshop 

5th National Workshop on Development of Educational E-materials in Hindi


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Past Events


YEAR 2016
YEAR 2015

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  • Workshop on Module Development on Science Through Investigation -- HBCSE & Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, ZIET, 2-4 March, Mumbai

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 YEAR 2014


YEAR 2013


YEAR 2012


YEAR 2011


YEAR 2010


YEAR 2009


YEAR 2008


YEAR 2007


YEAR 2006


YEAR 2004


YEAR 2001

  • International Conference on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (ICSTME), Goa, India. (HBCSE, February 20-23, 2001)


YEAR 1999


YEAR 1995

  • International Workshop on the Cognitive Bases of Learning (IWCBL), Mumbai, India. (HBCSE, December 7-12, 1995)


YEAR 1992

  • Second Indo-US Workshop on Mathematics Education, Goa, India. (HBCSE, February 1992).


YEAR 1989

  •  Indo-US Workshop on Mathematics Education, Goa, India. (HBCSE, November 1989).


YEAR 1978

  • Conference on Science Education, Khiroda, Jalgaon, Maharashtra (HBCSE, January 17-19, 1978)



Workshops, etc.

HBCSE Regular Events



  • National Science Day (Open Day, around February end)

  • V G Kulkarni Memorial Lecture (around September 5)


  • Infosys Awards function (for the international Olympiad medalists of the year, around December end)





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